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1st you tape Shark Tank. Months later, it airs. This is a ‘Launch’ Party

by Larry Chiang on October 31, 2015

Larry Chiang writes about business, launch parties, business school and entrepreneurship. After a Harvard event he spoke at, Harvard wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. He spoke at a Stanford BASES event, did Q&A via text message and now teaches us via insightful blog posts. If you liked his BASES keynote, the Q&A via text message, “What They STILL Don’t Teach You at Stanford GSB About Scamming and, “What They STILL Don’t Teach at GSB About Screwing Someone Hard” you will like his latest post.

by Larry Chiang

Shank Tank is like a launch party. It is a launch party with celebs attending.

I was always surprised when YC applicants show up with no landing page. It’s like, “I know its a celeb launch party, but I want to be a diva and not have my website ready.”

I guess Shark Tank entrepreneurs can be guilty of being a male diva and not executing also…

Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan)
Equivalent of reading ahead with @ABCSharkTank is going to pitch’s site. Rent Like Champion was ready. Hotshot, not
So when your show airs @ABCSharkTank. You want to be ready.
You want your launch party to get users registered.Launch parties are important. Launch parties ‘distribute’. Preparing for that launch party is important. @ABCSharkTank is a lot of distribution because it is a popular TV show with celebs attending your launch party. SXSW has hosted shark tank too. It is a good place to launch for Stanford founders and technical founders.

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