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Five More Pictures at 530 Lytton #530Lytton

by Larry Chiang on March 17, 2016

Larry Chiang has a Jedi in Business Administration, JBA. He spoke at a Harvard Law School event and then Harvard Business HARBUS wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. He spoke at a Stanford BASES event, did Q&A via text message and even taught a class on entrepreneurship called Technology Entrepreneurship, ENGR 145. He now scandalously teaches us, “How to build credit card credit scores without even using a credit card”. Pay attention because while it seems outlandish, the ideas are right on point.

Larry ChiangBy Larry Chiang

This is business school level knowledge about FICO scores. We dispense them free to the public on this blog, “”. Purpose: Establish a FICO score of about 800.

There are even office hours!
Here are five pictures so that you can prepare better.

Brady is happy to meet you at 530 Lytton, Palo Alto Calif., 94301 (650) 566 9600


#530Lytton is also a signature business recipe. Go to twitter or Google and search ‘pound-530-Lytton’. Its a real world address that doubles as a protocol.


All directions lead to me, Larry Chiang, encouraging you to code.


code! #cs183creditScore helps you build your Stack confidence by editing your credit reports from Experian, Trans Union and Equifax


Code! Polish up your clients crappy credit report. Get your first sale #cs183cs The United states recognizes postal mail as sacrosanct The United states recognizes postal mail as sacrosanct

If it makes you feel better, I will send you an invoice. Right now its free. Text me your request to invoice you and how much you think a high FICO score is worth. I am (650) 283-8008


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