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Forensic Accounting, IQ 488 And 88, and Price Discovery Dying

by Larry Chiang on February 19, 2024

By Larry Chiang

Hold onto your ass this blog post is going to be a doozy

How many people in America understand that legit stocks have been under speculative attack? My 488 IQ brain did not understand the speculative attacks occurring to legitimate corporations acknowledged by the SEC

Shortseller enrichment commission.

How does forensic accounting play?

Just like an autopsy on a cadaver, forensics accounting helps determine how a company gets short sold into bankruptcy,

Money, tracking money, Excel spreadsheet, analyzing money. These are all things made possible with API’s. The big brain component at the IQ 488 level is being able to run an audit from outside of the private equity firm.

Long story long, Price discovery died.

Price discovery of the cost of money died.

Price discovery of commodities also died price discovery of my beloved bitcoin. Currently only $52,000 also died.

The reason there is a high probability of a melt up while melting down is because Price discovery has been assassinated

The IQ 88 countermeasure is one bitcoin equals one bitcoin and one share of AMC equals one share of AMC

Three things to pay attention to when it comes to forensics accounting having a big IQ and price discovery dying. One bitcoin equals one bitcoin with a $21 million supply.

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