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Getting #Traction. Dan Olsen in Vancouver

by Larry Chiang on June 22, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Sales traction. You startup will die if you don’t get traction.
Rescue something dead because they failed to cross the innovation chasm.

Dan Olsen shows Stanford engineers born-in-Vancouver how to get traction, gain adoption and, like #ENGR145 Lec 5, cross-the-chasm:

Ryan Creamore (@ryancreamore)
@danolsen peels onions in the problem space and doesn’t shed a tear #leanstartup #prodmgmt #goodfit #tractionconf

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Luke Fernandez (@SirFern)
“There are tons of companies that jump right into the solution space without asking who the product is for.” @danolsen #tractionconf

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Pic. What is an MVP
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Danielle Smith (@DaniMcSmith)
You want to see your curve of user/customer retention moving up! That’s your sign of product market fit @danolsen #tractionconf

Photo credit 
Nikki Layton @nikkilaytonvan

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Anastasia Valentine (@AVV)
Quantitative & Qualitative approach to products. Are you a Spock or an Oprah? #tractionconf


Spock / Oprah pic
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ovey yeung (@oveyyeung)
“Interactive design + test workflow: hand sketches > wireframes > test > clickable mockups > live product” @danolsen #tractionconf

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Michael Tippett (@mtippett)
.@danolsen at #tractionconf talking about finding the ‘greens’ in a bundle.

image5.JPGFinding greens- learning from the first wave of user tests. 

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Nikki Layton (@nikkilaytonvan)
@danolsen #tractionconf today’s delighters become tomorrow’s performance becomes the next day’s must have.


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