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Got South by FOMO!? Solve it!!!

by Larry Chiang on March 19, 2016

By Larry Chiang
You’ve got a bad case of FOMO…
But you also have student debt to pay down so going to south by was out of the question. Putting $900 on your credit card sucks. Asking your employer to send you to sxsw = impossible.
Answer: As a woman, we should get paid to party, network and be hosted. I wrote 5 genius blog posts during my gender reversal entrepreneurship exercises, so I know.
Answer: we should take the sxsw party invites we get and ARBITRAGE.
To self fund a trip to SXSW, you’re going to need to scrapbook a couple dozen details and emailing me a lot for clarification.
Here’s the scrapbook you can buy 35% off list at Amazon You will need to take real world notes.
Arbitrage is a class at Stanford Mall’s PF Chang  called #cs183a. We buy stuff for low ONLY AFTER WE SELL IT FOR HIGH. Arbitrage is about the order of street-smart-business. Arbitrage is having to paste-copy a paypal button [*i just taught u how to code*]
What. We. Are. Arbitraging.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Okayyy, I’m helping 3-30 women self fund their #SXSWi {2017} w/a #PopUpFranchise

So, here is how there is zero risk for you my risk adverse female friends. I have engineered a system where there is no risk. 

#PopUpFranchise is where you keep 100% of the revenue. 100% of the profit. 
Pre-scrapbook a couple dozen details right now
(While you wait for that scrapbook to get shipped to you)
– arbitrage a $1,500 list that you pay zero for.
– take that list and sell it for $295-395 on Eventbrite
– copy paste me the link for your successful eventbrite. And I’ll tweet it
– Take that eventbrite party URL and apply #EUTWMPPM (this is where you Engineer Up a Tidal wave Of Momentum, Perpetual Promotion Machine)
– so you EUTWMPPM up a wordpress blog post describing your sxsw party list
– so you EUTWMPPM 12 sentences, 2 pictures & one focus
– do one 28 second to 38 second YouTube video in landscape. Email that video to Lawrence Chiang at gmail.
– draw this
The product that we are selling is a SXSW party list VCs buy at an exorbitantly expensive price~$500. It makes us VCs happy to pay because it’s like an Altair basic
DRAW first. Ask why we succeeded later.
Imagine me holding your hand with my large warm, soft L’Occitane moisturized hands and leading you deep into a warm safe place. This is your map:
Artist credit: Paul Graham
SEC Disclosure: I introduced PG to Jessica Mah so that she’d get recruited to YC 10-17-2009
Back to the present. 
Photo credit Celeste Henkelmann 03-12-2016.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Sometimes you need to meet a person (or dog) 2-5x before they share with you @a16z‘s #SxSW party location #vcSecrets

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Photo credit Meghan at
Or the CNBC party to day-party at Four Seasons Austin 
Josh Constine, TechCrunch
{Photo credit Jasmine and Lise at}

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I can do a “Party Guest Quality” Algo. Based on RSVP data #SXSW #PopUpFranchise #100percentLHC

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