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Got The Facts de la House (You’re Purchasing)

by Larry Chiang on February 23, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Facts used to get beamed when paper would be facsimile’d
True story after you send a copy, your copy appears unscathed. And comes out of the fax machines butt.
Got fax!?
Homes like 335 Montecito Napa CALIF have facts also. Let’s call them #LarryChiangHouseFacts.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Pulling a #ExpTransFax report not on a car like CarFacts. But on a home. For example, paradise valley (Scottsdale) Arizona

As a consumer, you need to “worry” about the 3 sides of the deal and the FICO credit score each party brings. You. The seller of the home. The FICO of your realtor. Got #ExpTransFax!?!

Send 650-283-8008 a selfie.
Please PayPal me $600 and I’ll send  #LarryChiangHouseFacts via 22 YouTube videos

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