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Guessing at Email Addresses to Invite a Guest to Answer Question Over Zoom on Corporate Governance Permissioning to Buy BTC

by Larry Chiang on January 16, 2021

By Larry Chiang

So Michael Saylor engineers every interview to include a boatload of new information. If you have not met him via The Internet, he is the cofounder of MicroStrategy. He’s the longest running tech CEO with a publicly traded company.

It’s pretty easy to get fired by the Board of Directors.

Michael Saylor’s early Customer Relationship Management software sale to McDonald’s in oak Brook Illinois paved the way to use “business intelligence” in managing your business.

I’d like to get michael Saylor to answer 10-13 questions about Board of Directors governance. Instead of using Twitter, let us get back to basic Stanford Engineering School “hacks”. Let us use email address gamification. Let us guess at michael Saylor’s email address as if we are trying to email a tech CEO to give us an internship

-1- Let’s google, Michael Saylor email address

-1B- let’s delve into Network Solutions at look into, and his work email at Microstrategy

By running a TCP/IP connection from your gmail/duck9/proton mail account, we can interface with a guess at a Michael Saylor email address that gets a reply.

-2- Let us take the URL’s he’s mentioned and guess michael at HOPE dot com

It’s the formula of first name at startup dot com

-3- let’s assume Michael Saylor has a gmail address he uses for spam. Since email usernames have a vintage, we can guess that michael Saylor was an early adopter of Alphabets offering. Perhaps last name at gmail DOT COM

The Mobile Wave is the precursor to the Bitcoin Wave

After all, he did write the book, the mobile wave

As an undergrad, it’s also a good idea to write blog posts so that the gmail alert, alerts Mr Saylor as to when his name is mentioned in the news. A gmail alert is when gmail lets you know that “michael Saylor” was picked up by a google spider crawling the web

Next blog post: 10 questions on Corporate Governance Permissioning to Buy BTC, the Venezuelan yacht option, baby steps in learning about Meeting Notes, getting mentored by a lawyer or who helped you with the common stock voting 10:1 that you mentioned. Etc…

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