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Hack Into CS School

by Larry Chiang on July 8, 2014

By Larry Chiang
Question: Does getting a good internship help you get into a CS school?

Just go ask Max, Hunter, Catalin, Matias, or a half dozen other kids. They all got into great schools by surpassing others with entrepreneurship experience via a internship (ENGR145)

Oh muh gawd, get yourself a legendary internship as a high school kid. Google “Stanford bases legendary internship, Larry Chiang”. Instead of speaking, i got Cameron and Steph to speak for me

Lol I’m hiLarryAss.


This advice dovetails with a Steven Blank post that has a I can’t quote readily… It’s the fact that schools like undergrads that are going somewhere. 

Schools are like sheep. They’re all looking for shepherds. But to be a good shepherd, you gotta beg to be an intern. It’s the sheep to shepherd maneuver. And it goes thru internship-ville.

Good news is that 30-sum year olds are mostly retarded because all the stuff they learned from college in the 90s is outdated. Better yet, solicit a 40 year old that went to college in the 80s for an internship

I would dress up like Oski if it meant I could work for me in 2003

Here are some knowledge nugget bullet points
– Close for an internship via voicemail. Do you know what a horse whisperer is. Do you know what a dog whisperer is. Then learn what an OLD PERSON WHISPERER is and talk to old people via a sequence of voice De la mail.

– Get paid
Don’t take an unpaid internship. Ask for at least $5k

– Prep. 
In dating they call it stalking. To old people, they call it persistence 

– Do you know what a Jedi is? It’s a person who thinks a light sabre is a good idea in a fight against laser blasters

Be a Jedi and get an internship using Jedi in Business Administration, skills. Yeah, I made that up five years ago

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Practice in the minors before dominating the pros Re “started a gumball business” #ENGR145

Jedi up the entrepreneur bell curve 

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