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Hallmark Trait of Legendary Founders: Rolling with negative feedback and communication that does not help you thrive

by Larry Chiang on August 16, 2015

By Larry Chiang
I examine all sorts of ratios. Yes, my background is in credit underwriting. 
Let’s look at the ratios after being a victim of vandalism. 

VentureBeat (@VentureBeat)
Twitch cofounder Justin Kan victim of vandalism at his San Francisco home… by @thekenyeung


Embedded Video (@EmbeddedVideo)
@VentureBeat: Dropcam footage from Justin Kan’s home being vandalized on August 15, 2015…

Justin Kan (@justinkan)
@house I think the moral of the story here is maybe Dropbox should stop making company swag with its name on it 🙂

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