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HB3594 House Bill 3594 in Oklahoma, HB 3594

by Larry Chiang on May 15, 2024

MAY 15, 2024 
BREAKING BITCOIN NEWS (Hat tip Dennis Porter
A bill protecting your ‘fundamental #Bitcoin  rights’ has been SIGNED INTO LAW in the state of Oklahoma. 
Oklahoma will now defend your:
✅ Right to self-custody
✅ Right to spend #Bitcoin  and digital assets
✅ Right to mine #Bitcoin 
✅ Right to run a node
It will also:
✅ Ban additional taxes when #Bitcoin  and digital assets are used as a form of payment
✅ Protect the ability to mine #Bitcoin  at home
✅ Eliminate the need for #Bitcoin  mining and digital asset validators to obtain a money transmitter license
Given the recent onslaught of attacks on self-custody, there could not be a more important time to send a message that the right to access and self-custody #Bitcoin  and digital assets MUST be protected.
The idea that ‘We the People’ cannot hold our own assets is antithetical to American values. Without the ability to manage our wealth, we lose control of our destiny and the chance to create better futures for our families. This law ensures that everyone can secure not only their #Bitcoin  but all their assets.
With the passage of HB 3594, Oklahoma is now leading the WORLD in defending the individual right to hold and self-custody #Bitcoin .
Bitcoin mining has been under constant attack. This bill promotes #Bitcoin mining in Oklahoma. By protecting the ‘right to mine,’ #Bitcoin gives confidence to companies and investors to operate in Oklahoma, ensuring it can use this new technology to balance the grid, clean the environment, attract local investment, and create rural jobs.
Whether it’s managing wind farm intermittency or mitigating methane emissions from abandoned oil wells, #Bitcoin  mining can monetize wasted and stranded energy, benefiting local infrastructure and generating opportunities in rural areas left behind by the tech boom.
This bill also ensures the network will maintain its decentralization by protecting your right to mine Bitcoin in the safety of your own home.
We have now passed laws in 3 states in America with MORE COMING! 🇺🇸
We are the first organization in the world to craft and pass our policy into law to defend your right to self-custody #Bitcoin , run a node, and to mine Bitcoin. 
Thank you to @GovStitt, Rep. @SamuelBrianHill, and Sen. Coleman for all the hard work it took to move this piece of groundbreaking legislation through the process. We could not do it without your leadership!
A big thank you goes to the Oklahoma Bitcoin Association (@oklahomabtc), led by @_BTCstorm. Their relentless support and efforts were crucial in advancing this legislation.
Without the strong support of our supporters, none of this would be possible. We look forward to celebrating this win with you in Miami!
Please look to join us in Miami on June 25th for our 2nd annual poker tournament benefit. All proceeds go to our work to defend #Bitcoin  in the USA. 
Smag tickets and sponsorships below👇
Our Benefit Page:
We already have great guests and sponsors. If you with to support us through a sponsorship please use the link above or reach out to our team.
LEvGeQkg_normal.jpg spacer.png
Oklahoma Bitcoin Association

On Monday afternoon, Gov. Kevin Stitt put Oklahoma on the forefront of #Bitcoin legislation by signing HB3594 into law. 

The law makes Oklahoma the FIRST State to codify the rights of its citizens to run a node, to mine, and to self-custody their Bitcoin.

5/14/24, 3:56 PM
WordPress’d May 15, 2024
WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on
Dennis Porter
🚨HUGELY MASSIVE BRREAKING🚨: A bill protecting your ‘fundamental #Bitcoin rights’ has been SIGNED INTO LAW in the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma will now defend your:

✅ Right to self-custody

✅ Right to spend #Bitcoin and digital assets

✅ Right to mine #Bitcoin

✅ Right to run…

5/14/24, 6:49 PM
If you own a #Bitcoin  or Bitcoin mining business in Oklahoma, you need to reach out to the Oklahoma Bitcoin Association (@oklahomabtc) and join as a member. They will continue to fight hard on your behalf to advance and protect Bitcoin business in the state and their leader.

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