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How to Close Deals Using SnapChat

by Larry Chiang on May 16, 2013

Larry Chiang is an instructional humorist and has a JBA (Jedi in Business Administration). He will have you street savvy by Saturday. After a Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard BUSINESS School wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. He spoke at a BASES event by doing Q&A via text message and now teaches us on how to use SnapChat to close deals.


Larry ChiangBy Larry Chiang
SnapChat sends shivers up the spine of traditional media. Its a service that deletes texts and pictures once they’re viewed.

Traditionally, I use new tools to close deals. While I did not form the innovation, “booty call”… I do mentor how to close a deal via voicemail
Yes I’ll use both ends of the tech innovation spectrum

Here is how to close a deal via SnapChat.

-1- Let them give you the bird.

By posting your SnapChat username “larrychiang”, people will send you ‘the finger’. The good news is that you will get random sexts ;-P. But that all counts for brand activation. All that counts is getting the conversation going…

This leads to my next point…

-2- Kick the Squatter to the Curb

If you’re like me and are ceo of a super popular consumer Internet site… Duck9 is currently squatted. Is your brand name getting squatted on too?! Check by typing in a URL

Text me @650-283-8008 if emailing SnapChat doesnt work and I’ll text bill gurley for you. Benchmark invested in SnapChat

-3- Make the Ghostface Killah work and promote your website

Ghostface Killah is the cute ghost logo for SnapChat. It signals that you’re cool when you add it to your website.

-4- Get a call-to-action

On SnapChat, I tried to pull my playbook from twitter. I use @650-283-8008 as my Twitter handle

Right now, I’m using ‘duck8009255552’ as our company username. It incorporates the 800#, 1-800-925-5552.

-5- Allow your potential “leads” to ask any question (that eventually disappears)

I am CEO of a company that mentors people on their FICO score. If VCs ask super stupid questions about their own consumer credit score, you can bet a Kappa Sigma from Michigan will too. So, dumb questions about credit inquiries evaporate into the ether using SnapChat

-6- SuperModels Use SnapChat

What A Super Model Can Teach a Harvard MBA About Credit

American Express’ Under-Promoted Credit Truths at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW)”

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