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HPI (human protocol interface)

by Larry Chiang on August 4, 2015

By Larry Chiang
I just learned what an API is. O.M.G.
Let’s explore the sequel concept to API: HPI. HUMAN Protocol Interface. 

San Francisco Travel (@SFMeetings)
Meetings are here to stay. “URL’s won’t replace IRL’s – In Real Life experiences.” Well said by our partner @ChipConley from @Airbnb #WEC15

Photo credit: Lisa Pereira

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Human Protocol Interface. cc @timechange‘s make your iPhone 7 into a remote control

Chip Conley’s a fB friend. 

But he can be your friend too if you “Vulcan mind meld” with him via the HPI (human protocol interface). In 2015, your time period people refer to HPI ass reading. 

Like how my dog, my family’s dog smells ass-butt. You can read what friends of mine wrote. Then network using the futuristic protocol HPI (so sorry I’m not sorry about “Dog Protocol Interface” (DPI). But I just learned what an API is. 

So like a carpenter… 
…It’s all nails to me. By “it”, I mean protocol interfacing

Chip Conley at WEC15  Credit: Julien Carlier
Julien CARLIER (@juliencarlier)
“TECH will not replace face to face meetings” @ChipConley from @Airbnb #WEC15 #MPI

I love JarGashTag’s because it’s like calling basketball plays! 


This dork is reading because he wants to get vaulted “#7”. Trophy number 7. 

Now. Now let us DJ API’s 

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