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I Crashed a Pounder Founder Party

by Larry Chiang on April 29, 2017

By Larry Chiang
In Hollywood we oogle and stare at celebs. In #SiliconValley, you hob-nob with famous tech founders! The way I got to meet so many famous founders is by hosting and connecting them when their airplane lands at SFO/OAK SJC. 
Think of me as the welcome wagon for Silicon Valley!  Like the village bicycle, everyone’s shared an Uber to a party with me 🐳
Ya know how as founders, we visit SF (not to ever be called San Fran btw 🐼, we visit the Bay Area to up and increase our networking connections. Well I love connections and parties so I’ll crash an event because that’s what I do as part of my entrepreneurship practice
I stress the word PRACTICE because You see, I see a startup as a young company trying to crash an existing industry to add value. I crash events to try to add value. Value comes from connecting a rising star with other stars. 🐥 Steve Blank defines a startup as a loose organization in search of a business model. 
Well, I’m a mentee and I’m just brash enough to connect you-the-newbie with some VIP. Yes, I’m awesome. If you’re from a ransacked nation that’s been pillaged and raped by your neighbors, your emo trust issue might lead you to ask: “Gosh Mr Chiang. You sound so awesome but I don’t get what you DO?”
Set. Your. Asian. Baggage. Down. The japs won’t bomb your Pearl Harbor again. What’s my Personal Business Model (hat tip Lec 19; #ENGR145 taught by Professor Tom Kosnik’s Personal Business Plan) … It’s to spend 10% of one day per month doing introductions. 
Think @ashleyMayer… See Ashley Mayer “Intros 101” for the ideal set up of an introduction. 
The party. 
C100’s, Anastasia, is events manager @theC100 and Andi. Selfie no-self photo credit LarryChiang
Canada 100 is founders doing great work in America C100 (@theC100)


C100 (@theC100)
Have you met the 48Hrs Summer 2017 Cohort? Check them out!  #C10048Hrs


the 48Hrs Summer 2017 Cohort. Yes, these are Canadian startups visiting SF in late June. 

C100 (@theC100)


Reach out to Laura Buhler, Executive Director 
@theC100. If I were a CS major from UBC, Waterloo or U of T and giving entrepreneurship a try, I’d guess Laura’s email to be first initial, last name @theC100 dot org. I’d cc me

Full Disclosure: I’m American born in New York. My fiancé is the U of T grad who learned GrowthHacking after Cal Optometry- Brady is our ABCD (American Born Chinese Dog) 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#c10048hrs cc Stephen Harper. You should meet engineering founders like @matresstester #22Jun2017 -23 in SF…

Stephen Harper. You should meet engineering founders like @matresstester [Anthony Tsui]- he started @MyVoleo

Stephen Harper, PM Canada, get this gmail alert to your advance planner. Maybe work in an 8vc meeting? I’m the tech founder that left you a voicemail. If Jun 22, 2017 -23 in SF is too soon, pencil it in for 2018 approximately 22Jun2018 ~ June 23 in SF in 2018 is a wildly approximating guess

Mark Morabito (@mjmorabito)
Action packed day @Finovate, sharing the story of @MyVoleo that makes stock trading fun again and accessible to new traders, young & old…
Sent from my iPhone 8 that Steve Jobs texted me at (two iPhone 4’s where @6502838008 texted back and forth 🙂

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