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Internship. Value Create Your Way Into Silicon Valley

by Larry Chiang on September 20, 2014

By Larry Chiang

This is probably the tenth or 11th blog post you’ve read about my thoughts on “Getting an Internship the Entrepreneurial Way”
I launched that series of talks at Stanford by having students I previously mentored, mentor. What I mean is that “Do you really wanna hear me talk for two hours?” So I had students I previously taught guest lecture.
I just took the video.
This pattern comes up a lot in helping students with getting an internship:
“External Internship Without Permission”. By external, I mean doing work without being asked and without permission and without direction and from outside of the startup.
So, yes, you seemingly do random work. By “random”, I mean specific JB a way you don’t understand. Lets get into more specifics via the case study
Tristan Walker
You see he did some work
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

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So you do work before you get hired
It’s very street smart
See Evan Reas for more
See Andrew Bellay for more
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