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Is a Stanford MBA Worth It

by Larry Chiang on July 18, 2015

By Larry Chiang

I get asked all-the-time: “Is an MBA from Stanford worth it?”


Yes, attending GSB’s worth it. But don’t just hope and ponder. Do!

Take the $170k. Set it aside. Spend $0 of $170,000.
Then learn the MBA online.

Apply what you learned to financially benefit.

Take the financial benefit and re study. Start an account the deposits the cash financial benefit. Let’s call this account “number 2”. When #2 hits $170,000. Then take the MBA on “house money”. Or don’t.

You see, this is how you guarantee an upside. I minimize risk with a hashtag #RMRMRE

A lot of people do not start an account number 2
A lot of people have an account number 2 with zero dollars.
A lot of people don’t study the coursera content very well.

If you’re making 120k, you’d love this advanced stuff
If you’re making under 120k. You’re gonna need to take the coursera course 3 or 4 times before you pay the 17k (or/and make the 17k.

#RMRMRE is explained here

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