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January Holiday Vacation Pop Up Internship for GT CS Majors

by Larry Chiang on December 1, 2014

By Larry Chiang
Every Christmas break as an undergrad, I’d work. 
It helped me a lot. Now, lets do something legendary as a Georgia Tech CS major (just ask Rob, the GT alum. He got funded by Mark Cuban)

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
By my email interactions as a consumer, I can just guess what the startup’s CRM dashboard looks like #NotSalesForce cc @Benioff

So, we are going to implement and get paid for a project. Seasoned execs like “one throat to choke”. We as CS majors are going to set aside our Mac and pick up and practice our business skills. 

So, as CS majors, we are just going to DJ the most basic of API’s to solve old people problems. Also known as “seasoned business execs”
How do we execute over the holiday break?
I documented ‘signature business recipes’ for CS majors to copy paste (in the same way we rip code from StackOverflow / GitHub. Here are 9 recipes attached and annotated using hashtags. 
So, #EUTWMPPM is associated with a clear business recipe. The EUTWMPPM signature steps are in Harvard Business School’s blog called Harbus
(This video is like a book report. It’s a book report that summarizes the unwritten and previously unpublished sequels to five bestselling business books)

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