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Key to Entrepreneurial Moonlighting is the Execute Protocol #ROTJ

by Larry Chiang on January 25, 2017

By Larry Chiang
Everyone who is cool in Silicon Valley has two jobs. How they hold down two jobs seems like a mystery. But here are some Stanford engineering inspired plays and Stanford entrepreneurship patterns to pay attention to and trends to watch. 
 #ROTJ‘d their primary j-o-b. JOB stands for just over broke. When you’re making $200k, all of that goes into your 4500-6000 housing payment 👀

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Think of #cs183vc as CS majors that made ~ $600k in #ENGR145. Then #ROTJ‘d. {Retire on The Job!!= Lec 20 #cs183e}
#cs183vc is my side hustle. Duck9 is my primary hustle. I have that lead generation business under control from 7am-3:30. I burn 8-10 weeks of vacation on side hustles like #CS183e
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“Dump that cadaver-zombie-startup”. After you give it a heartbeat or 20, quit it. #CS183e Lec 20 via @YouTube

Duck9 is like my 

But that’s a slew of different blog posts about ‘Getting a basecamp’, Treasure Management, “Playing with House Money”. [photo is ripped from the Mark Suster news feed]

Playing with house money is like #ROTJ meets #ZeroPt6 in $600k in #ENGR145s

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