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Keyser Soze Teaches You CS 183(c)

by Larry Chiang on September 20, 2014

Larry Chiang pre-studied classes in engineering school by studying class files that sat in his frat, Kappa Sigma. Chiang’s co-founder, Matt Smith, PRE-studied FICO scoring also which helped them self-fund companies (plural) with a FICO over 750. All 14 Chapters of “What They Don’t Teach You at Business School” were previewed at Chiang’s Harvard Law keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“ (it’s the same title as his NY Times bestseller). If you read his hilariously awesome “What a Supermodel Can Teach a Stanford MBA” and “How to Get Man-Charm”, you will like his latest post Re: CS 183C with Keyser Soze.

By Larry Chiang


Sometimes I think, “What if Keyser Soze were teaching this entrepreneurship class here at Stanford?”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
CS183 was Peter.
#CS183B was Sam.
#CS183C is Keyser Soze taught. #Ghosting


Goal: answer the question, “What Would Keyser Soze Teach” in teaching CS183C
First lets look at CS 183 A and CS 183 B.
Peter Thiel taught CS 183. It was not called CS 183A because there wasn’t a Sam Altman class (CS 183b) class in the works. Peter’s class was all theory and no practice. This led to Steven Blank stating:
“You don’t learn how to start a company sitting in a classroom listening to guys who made a billion $s They didn’t”
Well Peter and Sam’s class have 100% of their content 100% online and free. So sitting on full mastery, I give you What Keyser Soze Teaches #CS183C
-1- Ghosting #1.
Keyser Soze ghosted as Kevin Spacey who had two personalities. He pretended to be dumb, slow and walk with a limp with one character. Simultaneously, he was pulling the levers and strings of other alpha males. As a founder, I’m so effen happy you’re at this country club in the 94305. But plot spoiler: 5 Stanford kids as a co-founding team isn’t a guarantee.
-2- Ghost as a beta.
Have you seen that TV show “Alphas”. Everyone has a superpower.
Everyone is *special*
Remind you of any campus collective you know?!
On a campus, because everyone is special, no one is. So, lets leave campus and go be beta.
Beta is a level below alpha. Leaving campus to be beta is opposite of what all y’all are doing. The majority of you are trying to shine. Keyser Soze wants you to leave campus and be Beta
Note: This is a tough lesson because in the working world, people are really dumb. So Keyser Soze wants you to get bossed around, do menial tasks and learn stuff from dumb people.
-3- Ghosting Part 3.
Did you hear about the undergrads who charged over $100 cover for a New Years party in LA. It was during the Rose Bowl and it wasn’t open bar. CS 183C is about making small money and then sharing it
For example, there are 17 franchises where you as undergrads can make 100% and keep 100%. For example, #ReverseVC. For example, “Training Table”. For more examples google “17 franchises Larry Chiang”
-4- Ghosting Part 4.
Peter and Sam ghost-up momentum and they don’t even know it. They’re ‘unconscious competence’ at getting traction
Here is what to pay attention to:
– Notice the nomenclature of CS 183’s. Not unlike CS 101a and 101b, CS 183c, b and “A” are sequential sequels
– Sam Altman said something along the lines of “It’s the energy of YC Tuesday night dinners
– Pay attention the joke tweet,
“rejected names for this class: “Zero to two” and “free book deal for the best note taker”
The conclusion of Ghosting point #4 is to rely on the momentum around you.
“Joining a parade is easier than starting one”
— Larry Chiang
“Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu is using the momentum of a larger foe in your favor”
— Larry Chiang
-5- Ghosting Keyser Soze point number 5. Aka #Ghosting5
Ghosting as it relates to GitHub and Stack Overflow in the real world. This can be brought to my attention using the hashtag #CS183B #Ghosting5
Ok, so you know how we know the best coders. Well, if we wanna get into YC because we are getting recruited, we are going to need to out execute.
“Ghosting 5” is a hashtag that dovetails a dozen PG posts. It also leverages the spirit of CS183B’s core. It’s a set of Tuesday night dinners inside of you being a YC
YC founders go thru and repeat YC. Keyser Soze would want you to
one/ pre study CS 183B
two/ out execute all the other CS 183 B school team leaders
THREE/ get recruited into the Summer 2015 class
Question: Are you saying take CS183, CS183B and CS183C all at the same time?!
Larry Chiang Larry Chiang serves cookies

LARRY CHIANG answer: school is sequential. Starting a startup is #CS183, #CS183B and #CS183C all at once.

I mean, can you really wait for CS 183C to be taught in 2017?!
Question: Can I learn an MBA and master it before I get recruited to Harvard?
LARRY CHIANG answer: OMG, that is what I did. I realized that an MBA was like an elective. C’mon, everyone knows that finance is simply calculus for retards.
Getting the knowledge of an MBA was the basis for WTDTYASBS and my mentor’s, Mark McCormack’s work: WTDTYAHBS
“CS183 C” has two anchor videos move you to the right on the YC founders eating TUES dinner curve
Is this your first Larry Chiang blog post? Know that right now I’m training this 9 yo boy to kick your startups butt :-))

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