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LABCS 3326 is GT Entrepreneur Week

by Larry Chiang on October 11, 2014

By Larry Chiang
Georgia Tech Entrepreneur Week is Live
LABCS are methods to study cases while they’re going on so that you can do what PE execs do, “bend the curve”. And they then have something sexy to talk about. 
Eweek’s are open source too

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I’m announcing “Larry Chiang’s #GTeWeek (entrepreneur week) #LCgtEweek March 19-22, 2014 at #DF13 11-21-14 at Westin Hotel

LABCS 3321 is Stanford Entrepreneur Week
LABCS 3322 is Cal Entrepreneur Week
During DreamForce 2014, I’ll announce LABCS 3327 at the DreamForce UnOfficial AfterParty for Bruno Mars at 125 Third Street at a Starwood property
See “#DF14″ or #LABCS3327” in the official Twitter app here for more news and follow

#ENGR145 is 
#ENGR145 is also “Cross the Chasm from the Right (it’s a 2017 book!)
By the way, I see hashtags as subroutines. These subroutines are keys to Silicon Valley 
These subroutines are signature business recipes that CS majors use to get good results in business. 
CS majors used to have a “Y” value near zero (See Peter Thiel’s lecture #5, CS 183B 🙂

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