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Larry Chiang Helps HBS Flog Harvard Law (LABCS 3338)

by Larry Chiang on February 22, 2014

By Larry Chiang
HBS students are made fun of by our HLS counterparts. Very. Often.
What we learn here is uber valuable. Just because we boondoggle a country per month, does not mean our knowledge is low. We just get to network in sexy- sexy countries.
Well, there are specific things we learn at HBS that are critical to HLS and HLS alums. Some Harvard Law alums are at the highest levels. I’m referring to the ‘live action business case study’ of Fixing “Affordable Care Act” spearheaded by the HLS alum, President Barack Obama. 
Specifically, using the Harbus article, “Fifth Epiphany at SXSW”. This post will document and launch LABCS 3338, “Gaining adoption for Obamacare using SECRET prequel ACCA”
You see, this is what I see: 
“What HLS Can Glean from HBS to Fix ACA w/a HBS Lesson from the Harbus’ Mr Peabody, #CTCFTR at SXSW” post. LOL, let me break out these acronymable hashtags.
It will all come clear in a moment, trust me, I took a lot of time to simplify it all. While I made it simple, I did what Einstein mentored me to do: Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler. So, what I’m saying is that its written at the level for a tier 1A college grad with two years of YC founder work experience, like Nick Alexander, HBS1.
The real HBS1 result = fix, yes FIX the ACA as in Affordable Care Act #MrPeabodySays. **Problem**: President Obama attempted to do what IQ 188 people, like me LARRY CHIANG, often do/ DID… “Cross the innovation chasm from the left #Wrong”. ACA is dead as of March with sub 5,000,000 users.
It never crossed the innovation chasm.
Let’s get out our MBA toolbox of patterns we recognize and pattern iterate what has, and will, work. CTCFTR works. We will be pattern replicating large portions of the Mr Peabody post by first…,
/1/ Let’s get 300M users at SXSW.

Cross the innovation chasm from the RIGHT! #CTCFTR-ing plan we HBS1’s will execute in Austin Texas 03-04-14 to 03-17-14, is doing the sequel to ACA (aka HR 3590, Congressional House Bill) and call it ACCA. 

ACCA is “Affordable Car Care Act”. Car insurance and car insurance premiums are all profit. All. Big. Fat. Margins. We nationalize and re-Patriot assets and execute the M&A three large car insurance companies.
See where this is going??
We as HBS1’s help Obama by executing an all cash aquisition of one or two car insurance entities. 
/1a/ Step 1a is to lever and DJ existing API’s.
Cars have the technology to broadcast position and at the very least, distance driven. Fact: 95% of drivers over pay their car insurance.
Conclusion: We do what the “Fifth Epiphany” and Mark McCormack recommend. We make money while we are helping President Obama-cares.
We also…
/2/ Leverage the Mark McCormack Sequel. It’s his and my signature business recipe.
Sequels are soullessly non creative but Ga Ga Guaranteed to make it. ACA is full of soul but never had a shot. Let’s help the former junior senator from Chicago disc jockeying the postal service.
The USPS has postal boxes that do not tweet. We turn these blue boxes into WIFI /signal sending and receiving boxes to execute ACCA. #BlueBox. Just like Ness Thermostat company CTCFTR’d, we will chasm cross using useless blue boxes.
People already love Red Box. There are already a million useless blue USPS boxes. ACCA is executed and launched at SXSW with zero money. We will use the Fifth Epiphany, Mr Peabody’s post, to make money while we launch ACCA.
/3/ Lever State Farm and the NCAA. And march madness at SXSW 
Like Charlagmagne at Thermopile, SXSW is during America’s college basketball *March Madness”. State Farm sponsor it and spends 40% of our premiums buying ads. We as HBS1’s need to lever the large brand movement at SXSW…
/4/ The Biggest Brand is the US of A.
Apple, GM and Larry Chiang are all going to SXSW. Apple just announced last Wed February 19. It is all big brands and you would think we as HBS1’s meandering on in, have zero shot at succeeding. Youd be wrong. Plus, seeing as how this is semester two, we are all already semi-settled into our classmates HBS2 pattern.
Instead of HBS2-ing, we should be “1L”-ing (first year law school), hustling. L2’s, “Work hard and smart to entrepreneurially practice SPECIFIC THINGS FROM MY LAST TWO EFFEN POSTS. Specifically, EUTWMPPM.
Tory Burch is a tidal wave all by her cute li’l self. Inside of 12 hours, she produced this video of her show

The old way at NYFW was slower. The Tory Burch method led me to discover EUTWMPPM
Up a
Wave of
Remember from the morning keynote from Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference by Lauren Lockwood. She introduced Christine Day. I’ll use a LuluLemon bag quotable, “Like yoga, entrepreneurship
is a practice, not a perfection.”
Ladies! An HLS alumni is in trouble and we as women to to execute what we just heard at
Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference

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