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Larry Chiang introduces Clifton Taulbert to Paul Buchheit

by Larry Chiang on August 9, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Clifton Taulbert (who owns the ice house) Now a Kauffman foundation program.
Paul Buchheit (sell before you build)
DJd together. Sell ice. Sell ice before you own the ice. Distributor the ice without buying or starting a house de la ice.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“Conclusion. You pre sell the icehouse ice before you buy ice. Like @paultoo‘s YC advice dictates.”
Executing in parallel requires you first execute in series.
Executing a plan B and plan C in parallel is tough when you’ve never executed in series. Sure, I’ve 50% of the IQ of my parents. Sure I went to a horrible college. Butt (not a misspell. It’s triple entendre) reading a lot helped me to copy paste the greats. Plan B for Fundraising (#SXSW, 2009) I got from the steam room at BayClub. With attribution. Guy Kawasaki.
Re “sprinkles his knowledge all over the place at an entrepreneur networking party”
Sell ice to summer parties.
Ok, just bring a bag of ice to the next networking party and see the positive reactions you get.
Clifton Taulbert and Paul Buchheit can explicitly tell you to try selling ice. But I can. Because I love you.

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