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Larry Chiang Sees Your Hail Mary Effort in Silicon Valley. And laughs

by Larry Chiang on August 25, 2014

By Larry Chiang
NYSE did it here first.
The NYSE tossed a Hail Mary by opening up a first site here. It was the “first major office” outside of NYC according to Few here even know that it’s across from WSGR. It looks like it’s getting mothballed right now?
Since then, so many companies have lobbed in minimum viable efforts with very mixed results. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
State Farm
Anheiser Busch
Rackspace &
Amazon’s “innovation”…

By mixed, I am stressing that some is bad, but some is good. Amazon is doing it well.

So did Wharton. Wharton did classes at the Park Hyatt and later bought a building at 101 Howard Street.
SXSW does Silicon Valley by doing an awkward Monday night networking event in early January. A lot of conferences do press receptions at Zibibo. Business Schools that need a larger footprint (aka distribution) like University of Illinois, do Zibibo receptions also. That restaurant is closed now.
Samsung has a “center” in palo alto. It lacks energy and has a front door issue. It’s listed on University Ave but is harder to identify than a NYC restaurant behind a fridge with no street sign.
Speaking of “no signs”
Anheuser Busch has “Beer Garage”. It’s in downtown palo alto and is actually not even on The Map. Literally.
Toronto Stock Exchange. They decided that the Four Seasons hotel is a hub and hosted there. You will have to ask them what kind of deal flow they got
In cases of failure, you can literally feel that crushing nature of having to report back to home offices, scheduling meetings and countless internal execution friction.
A case of success. University of Texas sends ~30 undergrads annually to Stanford University. They play a baseball game and stay at a nearby Starwood hotel. It’s circa the first weekend of March annually. They’re hosted. This is an example of doing it right.

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