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Larry Chiang’s Lecture 3 Notes

by Larry Chiang on September 30, 2014

 Point number 1. startups are as unnatural as skiing.

Remember there are ski instructors. Not running instructors.
2:46 YC function was to tell founders the MISTAKES THEY’RE ABOUT TO MAKE.

counter intuitive ideas contradict your ideas.

Skiing is counterintuitive so there are more instructors.

#2 what you need isn’t expertise.

This class is about startups. Startups are about users!!!!
Make something people want.

Artifacts of fakeness. Young founder think figuring out the tricks. Figuring out the “extracurricular” — Growth hacks.
10:45 growth hack is just to make a good product (so that you can go viral 😉

#3) Gaming the system stops working.
How do you wanna win what you win by doing

#4)  Startups are all consuming.
its all hidden.

Founders all say: It never gets easier. Total volume of worry doesn’t decrease.
start a startup in college. Are you crazy?! (17:12)

18:45 Paul is saying you’re damned if you start a startup.
1839 DO not start a startup
1900 Do not start a startup in college
19:19How to have a good life
Paul is saying you’re damned if you start Fb 20:00

More likely to succeed if you wait

#5) You can’t tell what you might become

Tough to predict how ambitious. It is verrry tough. Founders think they know, but they don’t. Military is the same way

attitudes have no correlation to success.

if you’re terrified, you shouldn’t do it.
Try. But not now. 24:20 (confirm time. Link tweet

6/ get ideas by trying to not think of startup ideas.

Bad. but bad and plausible.
Take a step back

Turn your brain into a machine that gins out “side projects”

27:30 Unconscious competent.

case after case – later userful

maybe I have an “Internal compass” 28:02

“gratifying your interest energetically”


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