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Larry Chiang’s Twitter Poem about FICO

by Larry Chiang on June 26, 2015

By Larry Chiang 
I can drop a Shakespearean Sonnet because it’s an EFFEN Wednesday!
Dapper tux was a “comp”.
Well on Twitter I busted out a rhyme about credit score:

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Collect derogatory they do happily,
Meet an app called Experian
Positive info #POBox4500, sadly.
High FICO for-the-win!

“Collect derogatory they do happily”

Credit mistakes and derogatory information, like charge-offs, are collected. 
Meet an app called Experian
This app is really a private oligopolistic company called Experian. 
Positive info #POBox4500, sadly
Experian does not like getting mail in to #POBox4500. It’s law that they need to augment the negative info with your side of the story. That is a law. FCRA 
High FICO for-the-win!
High credit score for-the-win! The credit scoring method is a monopoly. Monopoly means, “one company has control”.
A po box just helped you. Goodness, I am R2-D2

Welcome to the Bloody, Red, Dead-zone of Startup-ville. Population, many-dead
CTCFTR is What They Did Teach Me at Stanford University (after I extrapolated it in ENGR145, CS 183b, Stramgt353)
Third Institution of Silicon Valley

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