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Mark Cuban’s Thoughts on SEC

by Larry Chiang on August 11, 2015

Curated by Larry Chiang

Mark Cuban (@mcuban)
1)How bad is rhe SEC that they have a PR push going – SEC pursues high profile cases via @FortuneMagazine
Mark Cuban (@mcuban)
2)SEC NEVER talks about markets being safer or confidence in markets .That it’s easier to raise capital. That’s their job.

Mark Cuban (@mcuban)
3)instead they share #of cases brought. Totally irrelevant to the goal. Very relevant to lawyers leaving the sec #fullemployment

Mark Cuban (@mcuban)
4) the sec is run by lawyers. Until that changes they will miss macro problems and we will get more over reach laws that hurt us all

Mark Cuban (@mcuban)
5) someone explain to me why hiring ‘kids of Chinese elite” is illegal, wrong or impacts our markets ? I’m confused

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