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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week MBFW with Larry Chiang’s Video Blog on YouTube

by Larry Chiang on February 12, 2013

By Larry Chiang

The video blog is at under the playlist “Duck9”

Amex FICO Score #AmexDuck9, 1:28 1023 Layers of Access

College Student Amex Underpromoted. #AmexDuck9 Greater than 750 FICO Feb 7-14

SxSW AmexDuck9 24 1s in a row 2:03 1022

*** 11:11 at Amex MBFW “Under the Tents” #AmexDuck9 Cardmembers, pre-cardmembers, even Diners Club Signature move is 11:11 24 1s in a row 1 is an on-time payment 9′ is a charge-off. It destroys your FICO score and is when a bank or creditor gives up collecting money. A credit code ‘9’ is when the bank or creditor calls you a dead-beat unable to pay what you legally owe.

2:15 1021

+++ Amex Duck9 Check-in Savings

1:12 1020

*** Amex Sync News from MBFW


Twitter users can buy with a hashtag and two tweets by synchronizing their American Express to their Twitter Account.

This can be done at American Express booth at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and everywhere that takes Amex, combined with Twitter (with Four Square optional)

Also, merchants can offer free specials via a hashtag like #AmexDuck9

Steps to take for Amex, Twitter and Hashtag 1) Sync

Synchronize your Amex card with your Twitter account

2) Unlock specials

3) Spend and Save

*** Disclosure *** I financially benefit from Duck9 and Amex but you can pattern replicate all of these without me, Duck9 or American Express. **************

The methodology of pattern replicating can be found in my class lecture under #ENGR145.

*** Disclosure *** I financially benefit from having taught this content at Stanford University under #ENGR145 and now teach it at Wharton in a class located at Stanford Business ************** All the classes are free via video on a site called YouTube.

Heather Kelly, CNN, wrote more about it HERE

*** Disclosure *** I financially benefited from having made Freedom Toast for Heather Kelly when she was at VentureBeat #ENGR145 in their offices at 50 California St, SF CA ************** It is important to note that all of these can be replicated and reverse engineered with or without Duck9 or Amex or Twitter. All it takes is two CS majors and ability to read a TOS (terms of service) and distribution.

0:47 1019


Coat Chex 0:29

1018 Nathan, Mike, Derek and Team from Coat Chex


Nathan Mike Purdue Engineering — Pattern Recognition

First couple steps Gua Gua Guacamole

Shark Tank Nick Tippmann 3:41 1017

cc: CNN News


Layers of MBFW Access

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in New York American Express Sky Box Facade to “Backstage” 1:25 1016

+++ Amex Small Business Saturday $25 for 15 bucks Subfranchise 7 days before 11-11-11 on TechCrunch

0:50 1015


Amex Open TNW 7 days before 11-11-11 Small Business Saturday

0:39 1014

+++ Amex Klout Joe Fernandez 0:33 1013

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