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Money, Money, Money

by Larry Chiang on May 2, 2017

Larry Chiang thinks a Jedi in Business Administration (JBA) is real. Maybe it is because he got Mark McCormack to mentor him. Maybe it is because neither he nor his mentor went to Harvard Business School, or any business school for that matter. But after Larry Chiang’s Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard’s Business School wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”. Better than a hyper text MARKER language written credit bureau networking HACK, this blog post rolls up all the free Stanford engineering and Y Combinator mentorship.

It should be called, “The Third Institution of Silicon Valley”, but let us conservatively call title this piece, *Money, Money, Money*

Larry Chiangby Larry Chiang

 I wanted to call this piece, “The Third Institution of Silicon Valley” but opted for the title MONEY, money MONEY.
Money is a horrible master. But a wonderful servant! Because everyone thinks about money all the time…, I’m going to explore and expose the Institutions of Silicon Valley so that *we* can all start making money.

If you have no interest in money, leave this blog post now.

This guy. 

Flying reminds me to remind you that the #WrightBros invented Venture Capital. Their sister sold bikes to fund Kitty Hawk

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Third Institution of Silicon Valley

Stanford University collides with YC to form #cs183. And #cs183vc. Now, neither of them distribute nor amplify their #cs183 collaboration. YC does not sell you on #cs183. Stanford does not convince anyone to look at #cs183. But, this humble hashtag sits at the center of 

– entrepreneurship innovation. 
– venture capital innovation
– money innovation. 
– debt innovation. 
– bankruptcy avoidance innovation
– failure remixed. 

Stanford University is an institution with a 20 mile lead in entrepreneurship education #cs183

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Pictures are 1000 words, sure
Albums tell a visual story
My hashtags seem so demure
#cs183vc, follow the MONEY…

Next institution. 

YC is an institution. They have a flagship event at CHM (computer history museum) and another one at DeAnza. I curate YC like an undergrad engineer taking archeology 101 and going on their first dig like a field trip to the Field Museum. On twitter, I tag it #cs183yC
YC bragged that of all the 23 billion dollar (unicorn startups), they’ve incubated all 23 (en vouge lingo is ‘accelerated’ all 23 startups). YC has a fiduciary responsibility to find more unicorns.

Danger. Founder danger because have you heard of the power law curve!?! The power law curve is where VC’s just care about finding that one billion dollar startup. VC’s are so foaming at the mouth for a unicorn, that they’d tolerate 1,999 startup deaths.

This impacts YOU because the path to success tetters on failure. The agenda of VC’s is to find and identify CLEAR BILLION dollar startup. If you’re making $5-$50mm, you’re considered the walking dead if your growth has flatlined. VC’s call it Zombie-ing. Zombie startups.
The Economy of YOU (lol it’s Kimberly Palmer’s book title too) is
YC and Stanford together mentoring us is EXACTLY like your mother getting a Yale PhD and your FATHER going to MIT. And then popping out a kid [but omitting details in their childhood development effort]. Both YC and Stanford speak to us like we have a 500 IQ too.
Let me repeat that… YC and Stanford speak to us like we have a 500 IQ. An incredulous example, Stanford has a student athlete playing a children’s sport called football (professionally in Seattle, Washington). He graduated #1 in GPA from this 5A high school. Big high school with lots of students. #1!! Like double ivy parents they have zero patience and the gaps in explanations are EVERYWHERE. 

My hashtag is #cs183vc. I hope it helps you see better


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