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My Twitter Account’s 39,000 Data Droplets Form Protocols and Subroutines

by Larry Chiang on June 20, 2015

Larry Chiang taught Stanford Engineering, Technology Entrepreneurship, using three “Mark McCormack” books. Every Technology Entrepreneurship, #ENGR145, session was a repackaging of What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School. The business street-smarts helped co-found a company, DUCK9, started up with zero money. Duck9 helps students prepare a high FICO. Be a “Jedi in Business Administration” by reading Harvard Business School and “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School

This post is insight into “How to use Twitter for credit score protocols via hashtags.”

New York Fashion Week is September 10 -Sept 17.

By Larry Chiang

Protocols are like recipes.

Recipes are what helped me tremendously. Signature business recipes. Inside of ENGR145, we encouraged execution of business recipes via protocols. Not to get too technical, but external application protocol interfacing helped ENGR145 students.

Protocols are detailed. There are routines and subroutines. I have taken the best credit score protocols and outlined signature business recipes to pattern replicate that execution. To repeat, I laid out super simple steps. In short, I took protocols and curated them under hashtags. For example; #PObox105281.

These are easy to do.
These are way easier NOT to do.

See all the engagement:

Tweet Activity

1,106 number of times users saw the Tweet on Twitter
Total engagements 98
Favorites 37
Detail expands 31
Replies 10
Retweets 10
Email shares 4
Hashtag clicks 3
Profile clicks 3

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