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Never go to war with yourself.

by Larry Chiang on June 10, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Look at me.
image.jpeg Stanford Basketball
A.B., me, Stefan and Chasson
Obvi, when you’re really good looking and have a really large brain, you go to civil war with yourself. A lot. Questions like, “Should I go to New York Fashion Week in NYC or TechCrunch Disrupt in SF?”, used to tear me apart. I’m a civil war expert.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Civil war casualty was 620,000
Gulf War, 258

Civil War casualty rate is what Silicon Valley experiences, STILL. My duck ch9 bk (bankruptcy) video ( been live since my ENGR145 lecture 4 years ago this month

Zero. Needle. Movement.
There has NOT been a noticeable change in the startup survival rate.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Look. A civil war between five factions!! Startups. Will. Die. #DuckCh9Bk

To my surprise, DISNEY is doing a movie on “female entrepreneur, internal CIVIL WAR”

It’s called “INSIDE OUT”
When you fight you….
You will lose.
Tessa Smith (@MarvelGoddess24)
Check out the voices of #InsideOut! Great movie! Go see it June 19th but bring tissues! #tearjerker #InsideOutEvent
Disney (@Disney)
Smiles for miles as Amy Poehler, voice of Joy, arrives at the #InsideOut world premiere. (#photobomb: Sadness)
Just think. What if all five female co-founders didn’t fight!? Apologies Bill, but you’re playing a woman

Ok, this whole blog post sounded like I was joking (because I understand internal-strife-leading-to-startup-death subject matter so well that I
– had time to make it funny
– had time to simplify it
– had time to make it hilarious
– had time to make it hiLarryAss)
It sounds like I’m joking when I say, “NEVER never go to civil war with yourself”
ENGR 145 had teams that would fight  over internal deliverables. The e145 teams that got to the right side of the bell curve focused on EXTERNAL DELIVERABLES
These five authors had ideas that were at war.
Then I wrote “The Fifth Epiphany”
Women mentoring other women sometimes is civil war-like
Me and this 9 year old do not fight over a foul ball in section 113. See how we verbally worked it out (and Chris learned a valuable entrepreneurship lesson!)
No civil wars between 9 year-olds.

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