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OMG, it really will be 20 out of 63,030 that’ll succeed

by Larry Chiang on October 1, 2014

By Larry Chiang 

There are 60,029 other students taking CS 183B
It’s true
I’m taking this class. So with me, there are 63,030 students. I’m here for the education. As EIR, I sat First Chair Entrepreneur
What’s that.
First Chair is like first violin. You sit in the front row and take notes and Motivationally Listen. You PQRST and you definitely pre-study and pre-google the legendary speakers that roll on to the Farm.
The Q in PQRST is to ask questions.
Good questions are the hallmark of any baby-founder. My favorite is, “Can you repeat that.”
Here are the 14 questions from CS 183B (I say 13 but there is a 9a/9b)
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
13 questions from #CS183B. Sept 30, 2014. Lec #3. @paulg

These questions quality make you slightly less likely to start up a startup. You’re less likely to start because your questions do not pertain to starting. All 14 questions had nothing to do with “the first 17 steps to starting up as an entrepreneur”

As EIR at a school in the Boston area, I recommend that you take lesson from your dumber public school friends… Me, I went to Urbana.
Take this lesson: There is a bell curve. I care more about bell curves because I have emotional issues from being on the wrong side of the bell curve for so long
Here are the 20 people on the right side, successful side of the bell curve. And how they got to the good side of the Entrepreneur Bell Curve

Do pay attention to the fact that I memorize links of the speaker who is speaking and stumped as to how to regurgitate themselves 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Answer to question 8
Lecture 3
How can we as students be more productive founders?…

Bitly pgraham 712

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
This quote isn’t taken out of context. It is repeated 4.5x #cs183B…

Result?! The result of Paul Graham’s keynote is 65k+ students falling off the silver bullet startup train. When you quit… You land on the bell curve on the LEFT

Oh wait, there is another PG essay on this.

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