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Paging Dr Jison Hong to the Entrepreneur Incubator. Stat, need u to mentor others ;-)

by Larry Chiang on May 15, 2014

STANFORD, Calif. May 15, 2104 Hi, its LARRY CHIANG Send me the “thread-flip” dot com!! I’ll get an account selling… …wait for it. “Pink boyfriend shirts”. Yes, Oxford shirts that I wore that still smell like me. It’s a secret sauce combo of (a) day old colongne, (b) phermones, (c) slight coffee house and a strong waft of uric acids Err singular uric acid. Just my sweat. If customers want a waft of baby infant rubbed all over my shirt, it’s an extra $250.oo /1/Send me the referral link for ThreadFlip /2/ see u Tuesday at 180 Hamilton at 5:30pm for grand opening party. /3/ optional: 8-5am Stanford university Arrillaga alumni building. It’s a business plan mixer party that last 9-5. /4/ semi consignment. Wanna list one piece of inventory for me. We can split the profit 60-50 😉 Yes, 60% for u 50% or whatever is left for me Zero downside risk for you. Heck. You even make the $15 for getting me going in ThreadFLIP

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