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Pattern Replicate Brian Wong, You Canucks

by Larry Chiang on October 6, 2014

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Are u a canadian high school kid that wants to be Brian Wong?! He won’t show u But I will. 1st #BCSeutwm


By Larry Chiang
If you are what you eat, I’m like 8% Canadian.
This post will be hyper useful but rub you, Waterloo, the verrrrry wrong way. UBC loves whatevs I do. U of T does not know what to do w/me
Guess what dim sum place in Toronto I am at!
If you would like to pattern replicate Brian Wong, pay attention to the first few steps he took. Right now, the recent data will fog up (Vancouver pun intended!) fog up your understanding. By recent data I mean the awards, covers and avalanche of all things Brian Wong.
It’s two steps:
– Establish credit in America
– Get an internship with a Matt Van Horn like person
That’s it!!
Jk, each step has 33-35 steps
Brian Wong is too busy doing cover model photo shoots.
So step one I have partially written out as an unannotated subroutine for Canadian high school students credit card FICO score #BCSeutwm
In essence it is the USA 18 year old subroutine: BCSEUTWM but w these steps:
– Get a pre-paid phone in America
– Get an Amex choice pre-paid card
– Get a top 10 USA bank savings account (that you can log into)
– get a PayPal account with a legitimized email address
– sell 10 things on eBay
– buy 10 things after you sell them on eBay
– Use a pop up business accelerator address for you in America in Silicon Valley. I’d use 488 University
I’d start by emailing me
I’d start by selling Braun power cords for 7526, 8975
Q: why so random?
LC: It’s specific in a way that you cannot understand so google if you’re curious.
Or just warehouse startup knowledge in the #ENGR145 feed
This video’s purpose: Move you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve
Is a bit ly I memorized that links
is a bit ly that links to “Larry Chiang”. Who is this guy?
The “Get an Internship” portion is in my feed EVERYWHERE
-Larry @duck9 = email
– cell 650-283-8008. No, I don’t Skype cuz it makes me look 5’7″

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