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by Larry Chiang on June 18, 2015

Larry Chiang’s an institutional, credit underwriting expert. As CEO of Duck9, he plays the other side of the table too by leading an army or coeds to help college student consumers get a FICO over 750. Yes, a credit score over 750. Chiang launched a book from the NYFW runway and pre-promoted the 09-09-2009 book launch at a Harvard Law School keynote. Post H.L.S. keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School.” His latest post in Harbus, unbelievably, he writes there as an entrepreneur guest expert: “Winning SXSW, This SXSW“.

Let’s look at this PG tweet with an eye towards risk mitigation

I go where the hawt girls text me to go. Here, I am sitting front row at NY Fashion Week. Tory Burch’s launch is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


June 13, 2015 2:42PM

Paul Graham (@paulg)
It’s almost always good when a side project becomes the tail that wags that dog.

A side project is something that you moonlight. Moonlighting is what Silicon Valley does a lot. After your day job, you work an evening side-project by the light of the moon.

Max Chiang and Bear Chiang, Australian shepards Max and Bear stay off the carpet.
I wag my tail when Max Chiang and Bear Chiang STAY ON THE CARPET. Kirby Chiang is at a StartX portfolio company.
When your side project goes really great…, your moonlight project (also known as side project)
– hires help
– makes money on its own
– is a sequel and iterates.
– begins to wag the dog. The tail is the moonlight project and the dog is your day job.

Sunny!!! On Miercoles and Jueves, it will be sunny. My Spanish name is LORENZO.

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