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Planning a Super Bowl Party Takes an Hour

by Larry Chiang on July 3, 2014

By Larry Chiang 
Parties take me (and you?) about an hour to plan.
Plot spoiler: it’s at a Westin Hotel.
Disclosure: I model.

Kyle S (@imkyles)
Party organized by @LarryChiang and @ntippmann leads to investment by Mavericks owner @mcuban into @Badgy


I love parties. I’m Larry Chiang 
Text me to invite me 
Live action business case study 3374 = Larry Chiang building on the shark tank platform. #LABCS3374 = Shark Tank. Specifically, pre-parties that are #ENGR145 flavored that lead up to an event at a Westin. That lead-up to a Super Bowl. That lead up to potential investment.
Just like a startup takes no money to start up. Starting up a 10,000 dollar event takes Engineering. Specifically Engineering Up a Tidal Wave of Momentum, Perpetual Promotion Machine.
It’ll start you on this live action LABCS 3374 (#LABCS3374)
Note: this works too for MLB all star game in Minneapolis (but there maybe won’t be a Mark Cuban)

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