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Playing the Race Card. being street smart

by Larry Chiang on September 18, 2015

By Larry Chiang You play the race card when the cards you get dealt suck and you still wanna get into MIT. While I’m not a proponent of playing a race card as a white male, I am an enthusiastic booster of using street smart methods. You took the 14 year old in a NASA T-shirt away in handcuffs. You’d be a retard not to parlay. Parlay into invites, press and early college admissions But then again…, that was the play all along, correct!?! #AhmedMohamed reminds me of a signature business recipe my mentor taught me: During a business lunch with an executive, spill sauce on your tie. Then dismiss the road bump in your lunch and continue to execute the lunch. Seasoned execs have zero understanding of innovation. We only understand, recognize, select and recruit: “young people that roll-with-the-punches”. AhmedMohamed is smart enough to draw a punch from Dan Cummings. Principal. Then parlay that into a verbal invite/admit to MIT. My backup, EIR school.

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