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Pop Up Internship 1w

by Larry Chiang on December 17, 2014

Larry Chiang mentors college students to self fund and to get a FICO up over 750. He started Duck9 as a sequel business while he was an undergrad. Duck9’s Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9. After a Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“.

NY Fashion Week is Feb 8 -15!

By Larry Chiang

Practice arbitrage
It’s an MBA term for us engineering majors. While you’re an undergrad, you should practice buying low after you sell it high.
Let me repeat. First you sell it. Then you buy it.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I watch this and think: NFL fan bases can’t book Phx #SuperBowl hotel room(s) @spg b4 #csMajorCRO‘s do #mmpQQ…

Remember Paul Buchheit’s blog post It commanded us to sell it before we make it. This is the execution of that advice. 

So, pop up internship 1w is where you sell housing to the fan bases. The fan bases can’t book Phoenix hotel until they KNOW their team is in the SUPERBOWL
Just like Paul Graham said during lecture 3, #CS183b, you want to build the muscle of seeing business and business opportunity EVERYWHERE
The explanation in depth
Pop Up Internship 1m is “selling shoelaces”
Why are we spending 7 hours. We are building our entrepreneurship muscles via practice. 
We are building the muscles Paul Graham spoke of when he wrote the blog post “Do things that don’t scale” 

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