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Pop Up Internship #4 of 5

by Larry Chiang on October 9, 2014

By Larry Chiang 

My theorem is that getting the best internships involve adding a dose of entrepreneurship.
By theorem, I’m making the parallel to geometry where you do a proof that takes 5-20 steps. It’s a lot of work so if you’re lazy, please leave :-0

Pop Up Internship #4 is to spend 7 hours to do an “Entrepreneur Week” on your campus. It’s EASY to crank out 20 steps

1/ google something kinda lame already going on
Schools have lazy admins that do the same event annually with little or no effort. So take and lever that laziness to…
2/ number two
Do an AfterParty with two gallons of coffee that you buy from Peets coffee
Lever the fact that the old people going to the lame event want to go to bed @9. So if it’s 6:30-9:15, provide coffee at 9
3/ accept credit for this afterparty by documenting BOTH events on WordPress.
4/ Blog about the lame event
Write 12 sentences,
Include two pics. Remember, it’s the same lame event as last year so google the pictures.
Your 12 sentences will constitute press coverage. Your 12 sentences state no opinion as to how lame Larry Chiang thinks it is. 12 sentences just simply summarize basic, basic facts
5/ Link
Link to the lame event
Make sure you link to the lame event
6/ now give yourself press coverage

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#UTeWeek LABCS 3323
University of Texas Entrepreneur Week…

7/ if you don’t have wordpress, set up wordpress

These are steps 7-10
8/ go to wordpress
9/ get your own name
9.5 / email me to have me check your work
10/ load up two wordpress
11/ google and read how engr 145 students use MVBP’s
12/ now your AfterParty with coffee is going to need an Eventbrite
13/ sign up for an Eventbrite
14 / make a party at lasts 9:15-9:26
Look, you’re a CS major so an 11 minute party is zero risk.
15/ location of your Pop Up Internship #4 is across the hall, across the street or exactly in the same location as the lame party
Email me and I’ll help
See a party as lines of bad code
Our good code needs to augment the bad
16/ I’ll help you help yourself get press

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Omg, I really am “an institution of Silicon Valley”. Lol #UTeWeek on SF ch2 #KTVU #LABCS3323 #LABCS…

I’m busy so if you have read this far, use wordpress to link back to this article. Once I see the trackback, I’ll send you genius steps 17 to Step 20 for Pop Up Internship #4

Its a selfie w Lisa Falzone (minus me, Larry Chiang). Thus, its a 'selfie no self' Its a selfie w Lisa Falzone (minus me, Larry Chiang). Thus, its a ‘selfie no self’

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