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Pop Up Internship is a SubFranchise. Pop Up Internships 6-10 are for me

by Larry Chiang on October 14, 2014

Larry Chiang is a credit score start, up expert and doles out J.B.A.’s (Jedi in Business Administration) to CS majors. As padawan to Mark McCormack, Chiang’s exploits were documented in Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”. He now writes there. Chiang cited and sourced his mentor’s book in all 14 chapters of his book, “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”

If you loved the entrepreneurship article, “Follow Your CS183B Effort, Not Your Passion”, you’ll love this…

Larry Chiangby Larry Chiang

Pop Up Internship #6 is selling santa costumes for $100. Yes they cost $8 if you pre-order them before Halloween

Pop Up Internship #7 Pop Up Internship #7 Pop Up Internship #8 is Boot and Ear (aka a flower that I use clear packing tape and a pin to arbitrage a rose into $10) Pop Up Internship #8 is Boot and Ear (aka a flower that I use clear packing tape and a pin to arbitrage a rose into $10)

#9 is selfie, no Self.

Selfie, no self! Selfie, no self! selfie, no self. #LarryChiang selfie, no self. #LarryChiang selfie. No self. selfie. No self.

Pop Up Internship #10.

Remember, Internships #6-10 are for me, Larry Chiang. Internships #1 to #6 are for you the general population (ideally an engineering student with understanding the the basic cs language “HTML”. I did not say HTML5, but its fine.

Pop Up Internship #10 for me is to help you with Pop Up Internship One through Pop Up Internship number five. I will be doing a Pop Up Table Jan 15 on Campus. 12-4 at this location.

So it is January 15, 2015 12pm. If I were you, i’d google what “reverse tuition” is. Hint, its just a hashtag. I’d google any phrase that strikes you as a foreign concept.

Larry Chiang, out. By the way, this model is the Naperville Park District model. My parents spent a grand total of (negative $500 to introduce me to two legendary baseball coaches: The Hall of Fame coaches = Bill Seiple and Augie Garrido). The way the math works is Tom Chiang and Oranda Kao Chiang (and Carol Tu Chiang) spent $50 for two summer camps. Later, I got paid $15 an hour to coach when I was a soph and junior. My mother died when I was 11. Tom remarried when I was 12. I was in engineering school after Top 50 player status. So, in short, the Naperville Park District model is my theorem that #ReverseTuition

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