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Pound Larry Chiang is January 15, 2014

by Larry Chiang on August 24, 2013

Welcome to my event “Pound Larry Chiang”.

Goodness, it will be a good time!!

It is Jan 15 – 18 in San Francisco CA. 2014. It is mostly evening programming with some self-organized ‘startup crawling’ during the day.

This is a sequel event to The 2012 VC Panel at Stanf**d Entrepreneur Week
I wanted to call this event: How to get your ROI for SXSW before you go to SXSW.

My focus will be getting you your ROI for SXSW before you go to SXSW
If this is not your focus, then do not leave a deposit to attend this free event. I wrote this up in the smallest font possible, because I only want cool hip young people to come.


In the same way that I threw together my 11 party carpet bombing of SXSW, this will be the same. Expect all of your ROI for SXSW before you set foot in Austin Texas and after you leave “#LarryChiang”

I call it “Pound Larry Chiang” because I wanted this free event to be sexually sexy. Similar to how the worst vice is free advice, the worst thing you can do is promo a free event because losers will show up and complain.

I love when losers who paid no money complain 🙂

Ok, if you haven’t met me before, I am so sorry that I seem like a douche on the internet. You see, I see blog posts as rappers sing music. They say their own name and self promote a lot. Please please please check out EVERYTHING below like its an Easter Egg hunt.


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