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Promote a Book Drive as a CS Major (CRO)

by Larry Chiang on September 1, 2015

By Larry Chiang
It is no secret I’m developing a network of CS majors who concurrently, learn sales. 
CS majors who sell,
Do really well. 
Before you sell and get revenue, do a “Pop Up Internship”. Before you close deals via escrow de la internal (#InternalEscrow), promote something irrefutably awesome: a book drive. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
If you’re a CS kid 18-27, I’d promote what they’re promoting. So u can practice promo #CS183s cc #ENGR145‚Ķ

Download the Twitter app to see signature business subroutines #CS183s#cs178 and of course #InternalEscrow. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
If you’re a UT 17-21 yo, I’d promote what @ludoulrich is promoting. Bc #cs178-ers who promote will set the founder bell curve cc @JoshuaBaer

Ludovic Ulrich (@ludoulrich)
Are you ready for #DF15? We’re hosting the world’s largest book drive! I’ve got mine! #DFGives

Remember, during Longhorn Startup, cs 178Joshua Baer said, “SalesForce is like a programming language”. He also said you should string something together. (Do not let programming scare you. In fact, first embed a paypal button inside a wordpress blog post)

By promoting what SalesForce cares about, you promote yourselves. 

Salesforce Ventures (@SalesforceVC)
Join us for the first ever Startup Summit at Dreamforce! We have a discount code for 50% off! Promo code: D15SSVNTRE

Set the entrepreneurship class, bell curve. 


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