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Salesforce, #HTMMWYMM, New York Fashion Week and Your Entrepreneurship’s START

by Larry Chiang on August 11, 2016

By Larry Chiang
It’s me Larry. I’m the inventor innovator of #RuleOf1111. Yup, the one that is a strait shot from credit virgin to FICO 800. Well, there’s a method-recipe-protocol to go from startup virgin to successful tech founder
As outlandish as getting Amelie, the Australian shep to take a selfie… I’m obnoxious enough to think these three tweets…

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
jealousy. Engineering 145 2010-2012 had @StanfordEng students doing #HTMMWYMM. cc  #NYFW Vivienne Tam/@HPE #sxsw 

#HTMMWYMM = “How To Make Money While You’re Making Money

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
self fund #LeadGen =#HTMMWYMM = the recipe. HowToMakeMoneyWhileMaking$$ Learn #CS183s#FlipMyFunnel benefits…‚Ķ

How To Make Money While You’re Making Money is Vivienne Tam promoting @HPE at #sxsw & NYFW. (Female model & blogger is holding her laptop)

New York Fashion Week. 

How To Make Money While You’re Making Money was executed by SalesForce at Westin St Francis Hotel when they first started doing DreamForce. #HTMMWYMM works. Coincidentally, Westin St Francis hotel was the hotel where I first learned  #HTMMWYMM under Hambrect and Quist’s “Technology Conference”. The Westin St Francis is also your start because #SantaCon is #10Dec2016 (successful tech founder status will be reached because you will make a grand or three doing #SantaCon using a hashtag and $50 bucks of ‘working capital’

Salesforce (@salesforce)
What is the ROI of Building Apps on Salesforce?

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