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Shot Across the Bow

by Larry Chiang on June 24, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Naval warfare is taught at an academy all about winning wars on water. Below water too. Water warfare has a lot of details that can sink you. Pun intended. A 100% dedicated-to-naval-war, college. Four years of it.
True story. 
While I’ve never crashed Annapolis, I did crash a school all-about-startups. STANFORD UNIVERSITY. Stanford is notoriously startup focused. 
DISCLOSURE: I crashed the business school but was invited to the engineering school at Huang, Y2E2, Terman and Huang. 
Yes Stanford engineers. This is a shot across the bow! This puts every pedigreed CS student on their heels. JoeFernandez just put you Summer quarter entrepreneurship students on your ass. 

CloudPeeps (@cloudpeeps)
“I’ll take determination & infinite resourcefulness over brainpower & pedigree” @JoeFernandez

How do I get determination and infinite resourcefulness
Download the Twitter app…

Download signature business subroutines my mentor gave me to give you. These subroutines I placed in JarGashTags. Jargon’d hashtags. These signature business recipes are in a 1983 book about a good looking white dude who self-funded.
I am one of his 2,000 mentees 
I am Larry Chiang. And I blog bc I’m competitively thankful. 
…search #ENGR145

And my five mentors life’s work summed into a ten minute video
Stanford University’s E145 “#CTCFTR”
Cross ‘the Chasm’, From the Right 

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