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Skills Gap and What They DO Teach at Stanford University’s Computer Science Program

by Larry Chiang on October 21, 2014

Larry Chiang’s last book launched at a Harvard Law School keynote. As CEO of Duck9, he encourages college student entrepreneurs to get a FICO over 780 so we can all self-fund. Post Harvard Law keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“.

At NY Fashion Week, SXSW and the SuperBowl, you “#CTCFTR”.

By Larry Chiang

Stanley Tang is a CS major.
He also is terrific in sales and selling skills.
The venture capital firm, Sequoia, thought highly of this combination of CS coding skills plus sales skills. Sequoia funded Door Dash for $15,000,000.
Do you think engineers should be allowed to have selling skills?
Are you from po-dunk Timbucktoo and believe that comp sci kids are to be hired as nerd interns that you do not pay $150k + stock + a Tesla?
Do you know what YC will teach in the future?
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Practice the skills YC craves #dttdsBHM…


stands for 
#dttdsBHM is a sequel to “do things that don’t scale” aka
Clayton Kershaw and a Braun Power Cord

The MVP, Clayton Kershaw, is 0-2. Some rando hits a 3-run. Baseball, like entrepreneurship, is DOMINATED by failure. Solution: Study “inside baseball” entrepreneur jargon 

It’s a language that seems cryptic. But the good news is that I mapped out paths to success using ‘signature business subroutines’

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ENGR145’s has 21 hashtags that took me 9:59 to deliver (baseball pun intended!)
9 year old knows !

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