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Smart Girls of Vancouver in UBC CS, it’s me, Larry Chiang

by Larry Chiang on July 29, 2015

By Larry Chiang
It’s me, the supermodel from those Westin hotel ads you’ve seen. You know. Your friends know. I love yoga, puppies, sushi, CS, west Van, and the Uber yummy japadog. [ If you read and execute the below blog post… I’ll eat your rice at AYCE (all you can eat sushi). #TextMe*
What you, can do for me?
Help me. HELP YOU.
HELP me help your CS career by promoting an app banned in Vancouver. It’ll be sexy and dangerous like Brian Wong.
Ok, that was weird but I had to work in the fact that he’s a CS major kicking revenue butt here. But he learned distribution and sales basics while he was in Vancouver. (He was biz Dev at Digg)
Help your CS  undergrad career with this fact and existing problem.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
You’ve Uber in Vancouver, @shanegibson !?



Shane Gibson (@shanegibson)
@LarryChiang nope. Corrupt government + taxi cartel = no @Uber in #Vancouver

Uber wants a groundswell (double entendre with Charlene’s book of the same title intended!). Uber wants a groundswell of support. 

Shane will vouch for me. I sound incredibly douchie. But I am.
Spend 7 hours with me, via the web, my videos, texting me, googling my CS videos. This is a pop up internship (Google ‘#puInternship1u’) that allows you to practice distribution. And be slightly naughty. But in an encapsulated and safe way. Be naughty and be safe!
Wrack up a pop up internship “Win”. The following will be incredibly American:
Use the uber pop up internship ‘#puInternship1u’ to 
– reward people in Vancouver who already have the app but can’t use it here in Vancouver.  
– mimic #DeBlasioUber (it shoots off an email to the mayor)
– use the Uber app to host an ice cream social at the Pan Pacific. Or the Fairmont. If you host it at the Westin Hotel, I’ll text Travis to pay for the party
– I’ll text Gillian who covers tech in the Vancouver Sun to attend. 
*Note: I’ve an Asian girlfriend because I have the yellow fever and I am marrying my second wife, first. Yes, I’m marrying Asian. Yes, my smart VC friends married their second wife first. Asian. 
Let me repeat: this pop up internship is 7 hours where you just org a party and have me or Uber pay. If Travis won’t transfer expense money to your TD Canada Trust account, I will cover your cupcake party expenses. 
I might sound like I’m joking. But, I’m serious. Just ask around
This guy looks like Lars Leckie from C100. But he’s actually Paul Graham.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I just gave myself goosebumps with that last at-reply tweet to @shanegibson @Uber
Holy west Van, I’m talented. #CSmajorCRO

Or spend the 7 hours using the Uber app to deliver rescued puppies
You’re a CS major. You can roar. You can save puppies from imminent death at shelters. Code.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Uber App Uber Cab Ice Cream Social…

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“Slightly better lighting and a decent camera angle can do wonders.” –Larry Chiang CEO Duck9
Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom. If you are Canadian at a university you are going to need an American credit report and credit score. Normally, this costs Canadians $600. But I’ll do your American FICO score for you for free. Text or email me
Sorry I started with the supermodel routine. I needed your attention. That was my face. This is my brain:

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