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Speed Reading Increases “Time Treasure”

by Larry Chiang on February 24, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Reading has speeds. Some read fast while others read slow

Michael Arrington (@arrington)
WTF? Most of you are hearing actual voices when you read? I sure don’t.…

Rule #1 in semi, speedier reading is to stop reading aloud in your head. 

{Evelyn Woods is my speed reading mentor.}
Some claim that reading slower increases their reading pleasure. Tell them to watch my boring videos are 1/10th speed 

I read Economy of You in about 60 minutes. 
After I read
– What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard
– Business Model Generation
– 4 Steps to The Epiphany
– Cross the Chasm
I extrapolated 
in about one-hour. 

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