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Stanford ENGR 145 Summer with Larry Chiang

by Larry Chiang on April 25, 2012

By Larry Chiang

ENGR 145 summer students.

Yes you signed up at

You will enjoy the adventure that is a GREAT CLASS in entrepreneurship. It’s taught by the legendary Tom Kosnik. It was started by Tom Byers and sits under STVP. It is the organization headed up by Tina Seelig. She is a great teacher and mentor to me in brainstorming and creativity. She also wrote InGenius and “What I Wish I Knew in My 20s”. Steve Blank has taught this class too.

Lets take this class to the next, next level. As your classmate, class crasher and sometimes bus-boy and motivational listener, I’ll help you

– Launch at Demo in OCTOBER (officially).
– Premier at Summit at Stanford
– Grand Open/ Crash TechCrunch ‘Disrupt’ in August with Eric Eldon disapproval?? / Josh Constine snickers
– Co-host at August Capital the Official TechCrunch AfterParty. August 3.
– Host LPs Officially.
– Promo your mini company at a Hollywood super agent mixer if you have something that disrupts Hollywood in a value-added-Sequel-business manner and method.
– Co-host MBFW in February.
– Host athletes.
– Network with supermodels who may testimonialize your MVP (minimum viable party).
– Sell the Gua Gua Guacamole signature recipes I teach you.
– Master ‘Reduce sales friction’
– Learn from 33+ legendary undergrad /grad / celebrity ENGR 145 alums.
– Read ahead to the summer 2013 program: ‘Ga Ga Guaranteed exits’. As my movie mentor Ricky Bobby says: it’s guaranteed to work every time 70% of the time.
– Host a SXSW party and make money doing a party that lead generates (#leadGen!!) for you ENGR 145 mini-company.

INSIGHT: the silicon valley is out there cluelessly starting startups that might fail. Will fail. 80% of VC funded startups with a SVB bank account won’t get revenue. Start a mini company instead. Mini company’s are bought. The “Larry Chiang Mini Company Concept” is a prequel to 2013 Ga Ga Guaranteed exits. Those are buried in my Twitter feed like Easter eggs. Sept 2011-Mar 2012

ENGR 145 summer. Master and sell Gua Gua Guacamole to a curious public. Yes you can apply to audit as a return ENGR 145 class taker.

This will be my third summer.

CEO of Duck9
Stanford University EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)

Think safer entrepreneurship.
Remember, you’re at a college that only gives out As and Bs, but the faculty tells you to “take risks while you’re young”.


The results.

Your li’l ENGR 145 project should be pitched from The Stage at TC Disrupt. All the teams I advised were on track to demo at
– Demo
– google I/O
– TechCrunch Disrupt
– GigaOm
– VentureBeat

The most common objection was “I don’t want to be famous for my ENGR 145 project because I have imposter syndrome”

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