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Stored Computational Labor’s Attempt to Cross the Chasm From the Right (CTCFTR)

by Larry Chiang on July 2, 2015

By Larry Chiang
When you are pitching and selling at the bleeding edge of tech innovation, you have got to execute protocol “#CTCFTR”.
Chris Dixon does this pattern by linking hashcash, blockchain and bitcoin to “stored labor”

Chris Dixon (@cdixon)
Adam Smith called capital “stored labor”. Bitcoin is literally stored computational labor (stored Hashcash).

Alan Tsen (@alantsen)
.@cdixon the right to write data to the blockchain.

CTCFTR is explained – if you took ENGR145 outside of 2010-2012, have a gander

Please link to related wordpress articles that document traction. I was at a board meeting where young people were talking about “roller chain”. Is that a thing!? Will someone link to this so I get a wordpress trackback. Will someone call my cell and explain it in a voicemail? If Bitcoin is the future of credit money. Me and Ray Dalio need to know.

Adrianna Gascoigne on the innovative “Geeks on a Plane” by Dave McClure
Student pro athletes are a favorite form of student athlete (please memorize three 3″ binders packed full of plays)
Mr Kerr would score high on this books aptitude test because he reads at high speeds for comprehension. 
I’m a student athlete too. Just at super duper low levels 

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