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Tech Competence Direct Correlation with Message Volume #ENGR145

by Larry Chiang on May 5, 2016

by Larry Chiang

Message volume speaks volumes.

So, when youre on a ENGR145 team and have a sales prospect or sold a customer… make sure you provide a high volume of updates.

For example, Mark Zuckerberg said he could tell when two people would be dating in the future. So just like the person who ‘stalks’ you on Fb, you want to be a reverse-stalker and update old people like you’re a FedEx package going from Stanford Athletics to a season ticket holder in downtown Palo Alto. FedEx plot spoiler, the package goes through Memphis, Tenn. Plot spoiler, FedEx has 18+ updates for the package that travels from 641 Campus to 125 University Ave


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