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THE Entrepreneur Experience at 2014 SXSW for Founders

by Larry Chiang on March 19, 2013

Larry Chiang

Hi, it is me, Larry Chiang. How are you!

This li’l list for parties at SXSW 2014 will sell out. It is engineered to NOT scale. It has specific limits. It started in 2009

It is a super secret party list for sxsw that I do by hand, manually

*This sells out because it solves a problem.*
SXSW is incredibly crowded and expensive. Whether you’re a first timer or a veteran, you question whether or not spending money at SXSW is worth it. This list gets you your return on investment (ROI) on the list and will get you your ROI for the $895 Interactive badge and the ROI on one year of MBA tuition. If not, satisfied, you will get a full refund. I love ROI and ostentatiously set the goal of having a one-hour keynote at MIT, Stanford, and UT be the ROI for an entire year of tuition.

The problem: You are planning SXSW. Most have no idea what to do or where to go next. SxSW sucks for a lot of people – -especially recently. You KNOW that you could acing South by, but HOW?!

The problem: All SXSW’s are pure mayhem. The haze of fubar has up-ended, disoriented and knocked off balance even the most battle hardened work conference attendee. F.U.B.A.R. is an acronym from war. It stands for F*ck’d Up Beyond All Recognition.

The solution: Get in the know right now about the best entrepreneur events.

My problem: Finding non-tourist-ie entrepreneurs. I will only work with founders. If you’re never going to launch, lets work together 2000-never.

You came to SXSW in the hopes of helping your business. You are asinine if you don’t get a 10x ROI on your SXSW investment. I will help you get 3x of that ROI in ten text messages, 4-10 emails and one party list via a password locked file.

Asse9, Austin Secret Society of Entrepreneurs, thinks it’s asinine if you spend money without getting it all back BEFORE YOU SET FOOT at SXSW. See my super popular video “30 Second MBA at Fast Company. You’re also dumb if you don’t get access to awesome mentors via networking events. I talk about both mentors and networking in chapters five and four (respectively) of my book, “What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School”.

Last year, SXSW was a tidal wave<>of activities that had an entrepreneurial bent to them but many entrepreneurs were left out in the cold. First timers have it the hardest. My goal is to be your ROI within 2 hours of handing over your hard earned cash.

For example, if you spend money at 2pm, I want you to be able to say at 4pm, “OMG, I felt like I just took a genius class called ENGR145 at Stanford”.

************** *”SXSW has one of the best tech conference bangs for the buck” * – Larry Chiang **************

This SXSW Party list is just for entrepreneurs. It is a party summary loaded with information on South by Southwest events that get delivered to you via a password locked file.

If ROI is NOT your focus, leave now. If you don’t trust this money-back-offer, leave NOW.

FREE GIFT: This 189.99 cost of the list is worth it because of this extra: My personal ATC services. ATC stands for Air Traffic Controlled. You get ATC’d into the best parties via my party command HQ… Like a good colonel, I command from the front lines.

For a few of you that have an existing, VC funded company, read on…

***The VIP SXSW Entrepreneurial Experience****

The VIP SXSW EE compiles the best of the best SXSW events for funded entrepreneurs.

This VIP, SXSW-EE, offer includes:

– Private, marquee networking events with VCs.

– Multiple up to-the-second updates emailed or texted to your PDA / smart phone.

– Confirmed RSVP to events (worth over $700 alone as of 11:11am Feb 10)

– Names of event publicists, planners and hosts so you have a higher likelihood to successfully guestlist.

I have gathered host names, locations and party information of SXSW events and get them delivered to you via a password locked file.

Yes, it has a money-back guarantee

************** *”I love migrating myself from the waitlist to VIP. It’s what they don’t teach you in b-school” *- Larry Chiang **************

If you’d like a 12% discount code, tweet this NOW “Id like the @larrychiang VIP experience @sxsw!!“,

Then follow me @larrychiang. I will DM you the code via Twitter

If you’d like a 100% rebate (via the LCRRM method), skip the tweet and just purchase it NOW. Write a wordpress blog post that links to Then Tweet or text me“Yo biatch (@larrychiang). I paid for the VIP experience @sxsw so rebate me now biatch!“. I said biatch twice because doing this work for you at a rate lower than my $22.2k/hr of shareholder equity building is demeaning for me.


1) 100% rebate (via the LCRRM method),

2) Purchase it NOW.

3) Write a wordpress blog post

4) Make sure that wordpress blog post links to aka

5) Then Tweet or text me “Yo biatch (@larrychiang). I paid for the VIP experience @sxsw so rebate me now biatch!“.

I said biatch twice because doing this work for you is bitch work for me. It distracts me from my LIFE ROI of $22,200 / hour of shareholder equity growth and wealth building. You owe me a hug when you’re rich.

I enjoyed meeting you and mentoring you. I look forward to listening and learning from you and about you. Keep seeking out your ROI here at SXSW and I look forward to saying hi.

Tsia Jian y’all!

Larry Chiang

P.S. MBAs are welcome. I will single handedly get you ROI for one year’s tuition at Harvard. If you go to Stanford GSB, I am so sorry that finals are during that week. I think its weird that all y’all even have to take tests there at 655 Knight. Give me just four days at Austin, $189 of your moo-lah and I will whack off 1/3 of your MBA debt before you leave Bergstrom airport.

P.P.S. MBAs only… here is a video for you

P.P.P.S. And for reading all the way down a surprise bonus: Thirteen free support emails with Larry Chiang before SXSW even starts so you will absolutely ace 2014 SXSW

P.P.P.S. special offer: Get the 189 package for free right now via ‘instant rebate’ if you blog your goals via a WordPress blog.

– You should have your wordpress blog on a site that is the same as your startup (this vets, filters and weeds out the entrepreneurs who DO versus the non-entrepreneurs) – Link your wordpress blog post to this eventbrite page (> vc030 – Tweet at me the link of your wordpress article (sorry no tumblr or p osterous) – Follow the formula of my MVBP (minimum viable blog post) is optional. You should google it if you want to pattern replicate. Its 12 sentences, two pictures, one focus. – Limited to the first 25 people who blog this via WordPress! This will disappear once the 25 limit is reached (NOTE: delete this at “25”)

The catch is that you’re doing something good for you that gets you to understand taking action is critical

Question: I don’t know what to blog. How should I start. Answer: As an entrepreneur, the blog post is the new press release. Start with simple truths that are basic facts.

For example. Title: is attending 2013 SXSW

by Larry Chiang

We are going to entrepreneur events at this year’s sxsw. I saw the entrepreneur party list by Larry Chiang and it looks like something cool. We have been to SXSW before.

Our goal is to get the money back that me and my co-founder are spending. We used to work at big companies. We studied engineering at CMU. It stands for Carnegie Mellon University. The sxsw startup village looks cool. Accelerator looks cool.

We want to meet VCs and set the audacious goal of getting our investment in SXSW back before we land in Austin Texas. Wish us luck (picture ONE) (picture TWO)

Question: Do I HAVE to BLOG?! Larry Chiang answer: Yes, you have to request to get all this free via a wordpress blog, blog post.

Question: How many people do you have out of the 25 limit?! Answer: When I host a guest at Stanford, sometimes I offer $75 per person who blogs their notes. Out of a room of 80, maybe five will. If you’re a public speaker, know that most people just casually exist and do not prepare. Most people do not follow up. I am outlandish enough to think that you can get your money back before you attend a conference.

Question: I don’t really like to read. Do I have to read your stuff?! Answer: Remember, as an entrepreneur, you are paid to work hard and work smart. I document to patterns that I recognize that I see time-and-time again. If you do not read and re-read them, you won’t leverage knowing what I know. Which is a lot.

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