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The Entrepreneurship Skill of Hosting by Cindy Lo

by Larry Chiang on May 12, 2015

By Larry Chiang

Friday, May 29 in Austin Texas, is something all y’all should fly in for.  It’s for entrepreneurship training. 

Cindy Y. Lo (@RedVelvetEvents)
We still have a few spots left for our @NewCoATX session on Fri, May 29 – Want to do events for a living? #Austin

Hosting is an entrepreneurship activity that seemingly doesn’t scale. So, I’ll file it under #ENGR145S’s “Do things that don’t scale But Have Momentum”

Hosting is also under “PopUpInternship #2” where Steve Blank mentors us founders to “Attend  trade shows like they matter”. I also blogged about the critical components of hosting an after-party. 
Also, Bob Metcalfe asked me to teach a class on crashing. The blog post is in his feed
I take notes and curate the best entrepreneurship methods from the front row. My duck9 blog documents 22 signature business recipes. Photo credit Joshua Baer, co-founder, Capital Factory. 
Crashing a tech party to build up shareholder equity is a specific, distinct, genius and counterintuitive signature business method to crash any industry. Crashing 101 is how to crash a party. Crashing 701 is how to host an afterparty at a conference you’re crashing. See Professor Metcalfe’s twitter feed and follow him!

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